Logo Design

Your logo is your face. It stands for your name, your identity, your very being. A good logo creates a positive impression on your customer's mind. It distinguishes you from your competitor or competing brands. As your business grows, your logo comes to symbolize all that you stand for - your specialty, your values, your promise to the customer. Your logo will feature everywhere and on everything connected with your business - from your business card, business stationery, brochure, web site, packaging to advertising and signboards.

No successful brand or business can do without a great logo - that's simple, distinctive, pleasing and consumer-friendly. Since your business, product or service logo is your first contact with your customer, it makes sense to apply thought and design a logo that appeals to your customers and stays embedded in their memory for a lifetime.



Value for money:

We ensure you professional design at a fraction of the cost.  Your logo is designed with the the right color palette, lettering, style, imagery and design elements based on your industry, clientele and your business philosophy.  Fast turnaround: We are capable of producing great work with speed. We keep strictly to our deadlines, even preceding them sometimes, but never cause delays. We know your time is precious and we are ready to start or incorporate changes, whenever you communicate to us.  Diverse concepts:  Based on your questionnaire, we offer you a choice of 3 design concepts in multiple styles so that you have a reasonably good choice.

Easy to work with:

We believe in maximizing customer satisfaction by simplifying the design process for our customers. Anyone can follow our design process. We simply need a little information about your business. At all stages, we are here to help you, educate you, guide you to create a logo design that you'll be proud of.

Customer involvement:

With OCS Design, you are part of the whole design process. We give first priority to your opinion and likes - designing concepts based on your views. We help bring your ideas to life.

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